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"O enredo do medo"

Braudel Papers No. 52 (2019)

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"Cara de pau"

O Estado de S. Paulo. April 28, 2017

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"Ceará goes to school " Shakespeare in Quixeramobim

Braudel Papers. No. 49 (2016)

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"The Happy Land" Brazil's institutions face the music

Braudel Papers. No. 48 (2014)

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"Oil in Deep Waters" Will offshore discoveries change the course of Brazil’s development?

Braudel Papers. No. 45 (2011)

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“Lulinha, paz e amor,"

El País (Spain). October 15, 2010. Norman Gall. “If Shakespeare were alive today, he might have written that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, like Julius Caesar, bestrides the narrow world of Brazilian politics like a colossus, as ‘petty men walk under his huge legs to find themselves dishonorable graves’.” Lula’s domination of the 2010 presidential election.

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"Oil euphoria puts Lula’s legacy at risk,"

Financial Times, August 11, 2010, Norman Gall .

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"A Reforma Educacional de Nova York - Possibilidades para o Brasil"

São Paulo, Norman Gall e Patrícia Motta Guedes, 2009.

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"O Obama desconhecido"

São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo, 30 de maio de 2008.

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"Os Blindados"

Para os que ainda relutavam em admitir a existência do mensalão, o Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) mandou um singelo recado: sim, o mensalão existiu. Exaggerated public spending and institutional weaknesses threaten Brazil´s stability in uncertain times for the world economy. O Estado de São Paulo. September 12, 2007.

“The Struggle for Better Schools: São Paulo and New York.”

A four-part series of Sunday articles in O Estado de São Paulo based on five weeks of research in New York on the Bloomberg-Klein school reform, focusing on the challenge to Brazil´s public education. Published April 29, May 20 (Patricia Guedes), June 17 and July 15, 2007.

The Struggle for Better Schools: São Paulo and New York

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The Struggle for Better Schools: São Paulo and New York - Teaching and Learning

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The Struggle for Better Schools: São Paulo and New York- Order and disorder in the Schools

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The Struggle for Better Schools: São Paulo and New York - What is to be done

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“Mending Brazil´s Megacity: For the first time in history, a majority of the world´s population now lives in cities. In the developing world, the names of vast new megacities –Dhaka, Lagos, Calcutta, Jakarta—are synonymous with human misery. But São Paulo is seeking to show that a megacity can work.”

The Wilson Quarterly. Summer 2007.

O preço da segurança

Artigo sobre a crise na segurança pública do estado de São Paulo, onde dezenas foram mortos, em consequência aos ataques às Polícias do Estado, pela facção do PCC São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo, 17 de maio de 2005.

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Educação ou morte: O americano estudioso do Brasil diz que o país é melhor do que se pensa, mas tem desafios cruciais a superar,”

Interview by Roberto Pompeu de Toledo. São Paulo: Veja magazine, February 1, 2006

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Lula and Mephistopheles Democracy 4: Brazil needs a new strategy

Braudel Papers. No. 37. (2005).

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Lulagate and Watergate

Jornal O Globo, July, 2005 - Brazil

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Diadema Democracy 3: Frontier violence and civilization in São Paulo's periphery

Braudel Papers. No. 36. (2005). Freign Policy - Edición español - Nº 9 - Junio/julio 2005

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Blackout in Energy Policy: Brazil’s difficulties in making decisions,”

Braudel Papers. No. 31. (2002). Analysis of the political, regulatory and financial problems contributing to electricity shortages in 2001-02 and their potential consequences.

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"Por que não lutar?"

Reflexões inconvenientes sobre as eleições de 2002

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"Por que abandonamos a escola pública?"

The Wilson Quarterly. Summer 2007.

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"São Paulo Metropolis"

Political Disorganization and Problem of Scale Braudel Papers. No. 28 (2001)

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"São Paulo Symphony: Rebirth of an orchestra as civic beacon,"

Braudel Papers. No. 26 (2000)

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"The Risks of Unbalanced and Predatory Federalism in Brazil"

Jornal da Tarde - São Paulo, August, 1999

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"The Police: Perverse incentives and public security."

Braudel Papers nº 21 - São Paulo, 1999

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"Crossroads of transportation: Can Brazil’s roads and ports overcome decades of neglect?"

Braudel Papers nº 19 - São Paulo, 1997

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"King Kong in Brazil: State bankruptcies and bank failures."

Braudel Papers nº 15 - São Paulo, 1996

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Brazil and Mexico: Institutional differences

Braudel Papers nº 16 -São Paulo, 1996

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Brazil: Will Nothing Come of This?

Braudel Papers nº 1 - São Paulo, 1993

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"The Floating World and Brazilian Inflation"

Fernand Braudel Institute of Word Economics, 1992.

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"Brazil - The Last Gold Rush"

Harper's Magazine, December, 1984

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Games bankers play

Forbes, December 5, 1983

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"Ludwig’s Amazon Empire"

Forbes. May 14, 1979. Portuguese version published in Jornal do Brasil (Caderno Especial), May 20, 1979. A 7,000 word analysis of Daniel Ludwig’s Jari project, embracing large scale irrigated rice production and forestry-pulp operations, discussing the project’s political problems and its economic and technological implications for tropical South America.

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"Letter From Rondônia"

American Universities Field Staff Reports, 1978

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"The Rise of Brazil"

Commentary. January 1977. Portuguese versions published in O Estado de São Paulo, March 13, 20, 1977 and in the military magazine A Defesa Nacional, No. 674 (1978). Spanish version serialized in Equis X (Lima), February 9 and March 9, 1977. German version in Berichte (Munich), March-April 1978.

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"Atoms for Brazil, dangers for all"

Published jointly by Foreign Policy (23) and Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (June 1976)

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