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“Oil and Democracy in Venezuela. Part 1: Why Chávez? Part 2: The Bolivarian Revolution"

Braudel Papers Nos. 39 & 40 (2006). Versions also in Spanish and Portuguese. The causes and consequences of the rise of Hugo Chávez in the long-term thrust of Venezuelan development.

Part 1: Why Chávez?

Part 2: The Boivarian Revolution

"Cai principal viaduto da Venezuela"

Colapso aconteceu na estrada que liga a capital a porto e aeroporto Artigo publicado no jornal O Estado de S. Paulo, em 21 de março de 2006.

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“La dudosa obra de Chávez” and “El caos petrolero,”

“La dudosa obra de Chávez” and “El caos petrolero,” two-part series in El País. Madrid: March 27 & 28, 2006. Reproduced on Venezuelan websites and

La Dudosa obra de Chávez

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El caos pretolero

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Three full-page Sunday articles in O Estado de São Paulo on the Chávez regime in Venezuela:

“Chávez sobreviverá à desordem?", January 22, 2006;

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O estilo de Chávez de governar

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Desordem na Venezuela afeta prretóleo

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“High oil prices are good for everyone,”

Forbes, January 19, 1981. Taped interview with Venezuelan Oil Minister Humberto Calderon Berti, published together with OPEC document on strategy for the 1980’s.

Luta dos fracassados

Artigo publicado no jornal O Estado de S. Paulo, em 05 de junho de 2004 e no Jornal La Nacion, em 07 de junho de 2004

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The Challenge of Venezuelan Oil

Foreign Policy. No. 18, Spring 1975. Spanish version published in Resumen, Caracas, March 30, 1975; Portuguese version published in Opiniao, Rio de Janeiro, in three installments, March 14, 21, 28, 1975. The politics of nationalization and implications for the U.S. and world economy.

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“Orinoco Oil: Big Cost vs. Big Demand"

The New York Times, Sunday, March 17, 1974, p. F16 (financial section). Spanish version published in El Nacional, Caracas, March 24, 1974, p. A6.

"Oil and Democracy in Venezuela" Part I: “Sowing the Petroleum”

American Universities Field Staff - January 1973

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"Oil and Democracy in Venezuela" Part II: The Marginal Man

American Universities Field Staff - January 1973

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L’ecrivain colombian Garcia Marquez Fait don du prix Romulo-Gallegos a une formation l’extreme gauche”

Le Monde, September 9, 1972

"Teodoro Petkoff: The Crisis of the Professional Revolutionary"

American Universities Field Staff - January 1972/73

Part 1: Yeras of Insurrection

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Part 2: A New Party

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American Universities Field Staff - December 1971

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“Venezuela: La revolte grandissante de la jeunesse inquiete les authorites”

Le Monde, April 28, 1971

“A Landmark Election for Venezuela”

The Wall Street Journal, (editorial page), December 17, 1968. Analysis of Raphael Caldera’s victory in the 1968 election.

“Guevara Legacy: Castroite Rebels in Latin America Find Troubles Deepening”

The Wall Street Journal, (editorial page), October 27, 1967. Also, Die Zeit, Hamburg. With emphasis on Castro’s feud with the Venezuelan Communist Party

“Last Flickerings of the Armed Struggle?”

The Economist, September 30, 1967. Destruction of the FALN’S “Strategic Sabotage Command” in Caracas, amid internal dissention.

“War for the Stunted Peons”

The Economist, August 7, 1965. The army’s offensive against the guerrillas in western Venezuela based on a revisit to the guerrilla zone.

“Venezuela’s Guerrillas”

New Statesman, April 16, 1965

“Venezuela and the Continental Revolution”

The New Leader, April 12, 1965; also in The Congressional Record, Senate, April 28, 1965, p. 8513. First reports from guerrilla zone on spreading insurgency, based on a four-week visit to Venezuela for The Washington Post, December 1964- January 1965, six articles

“Terror Fails to Halt Venezuelan Vote: Leoni Vows to Curb Fidelistas,”

The San Juan Star. December 2, 1963. Coverage of Venezuelan presidential election and interview with victorious candidate Raul Leoni.

“Venezuela’s Social Christians,”

The San Juan Star. December 7, 1963. Interview with COPEI leader Rafael Caldera and analysis of the party’s prospects

“Carnival in Caracas”

The New York Review of Books, November 15, 1973. An overview of Venezuela politics and society on the eve of the 1973 elections

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